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Happy birthday ! – Cm1 – Cm2 – Anglais – Lecture – Level 3 – PDF à imprimer

Lecture – Level 3 en anglais : “Happy birthday !” au Cm1 – Cm2 

Text : Happy birthday !

“Today is a very special day! It’s August the

25th and it’s my birthday! I am 8 now.

I am so excited! So this morning, I woke up

very early and jumped in my parents’ bed.

They wished me a “Happy birthday!” and

gave me a big hug.

After, we all prepared the party and got ready to welcome our guests: my grand-parents, my uncle Julian and his wife and of course, my best friend Alex.

Dad cooked my favourite meal (lasagna)

and Mum prepared a delicious cake. I loved my birthday party!”

Vocabulary :

To wake up : se réveiller

Early : tôt

To jump : sauter

To wish : souhaiter

A hug : un câlin

A party : une fête

To get ready : se préparer

A guest : un invité

A meal : un repas

Questionnary :

Découpe les traductions et colle-les sous la question anglaise correspondante.


Happy birthday ! – Cm1 – Cm2 – Anglais – Lecture – Level 3 pdf

Happy birthday ! – Cm1 – Cm2 – Anglais – Lecture – Level 3 – Correction pdf

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