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Lecture – Level 4 en anglais : “A TV guide” au Cm1 – Cm2 

Text : A TV guide

12 pm12:30pm01pm01:30pm
BBC 1 

BBC News; Weather

The Boss

(season 1, episode 6). Game show

Susan Calman hosts the quiz: one contestant has to use tactics to decide which player is the best suited to answer.

Mr Bean: the animated series (season 3)

Mr Bean is trying to impress some kids in the park with his football skills.

Channel 4  Tom and Jerry’s Giant adventure (2013)

The cat and mouse take on an adventure to the top in a retelling of the classic Jack and the Beanstalk tale.

Coronation Street. Soap

Yasmeen is horrified when she gets a phone call from Geoff. And Leanne apologises to Toyah for the awful things she said.


Vocabulary :

News : les nouvelles                        Weather : la météo

To host : animer                                To use: utiliser

A contestant : un candidat             A player : un joueur

Suited : adapté(e)                             To answer : répondre

To try : essayer                                  A tale : un conte

To impress : impressionner            A skill : une capacité

A retelling: une adaptation            To apologise : s’excuser

Questionnary :


A TV guide – Cm1 – Cm2 – Anglais – Lecture – Level 4 pdf

A TV guide – Cm1 – Cm2 – Anglais – Lecture – Level 4 – Correction pdf

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