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Exercices avec le corrigé – Schéma des verbes – Verb patterns – 3ème – Anglais

1/ Quels verbes sont suivis de –ING ? de TO+ BV ? de BV ? A toi de les classer. Attention, certains verbes se classent sous deux catégories (List the verbs followed by –ing form ? To+BV ? BV?)

promise▪ let ▪ like ▪ hear ▪ need ▪ stop

2/Utilise la forme en _ing pour compléter les phrases (Fill in the blanks with the ing form).  

  1. Michael has finished ___________________ (do) his homework.
  2. My sister loves ______________________ (eat) chocolate.
  3. My mother goes ____________________ (shop) once a week.
  4. I look forward to ____________________ (leave) for college!

3/ Choisis dans la liste le bon verbe que tu mettras à la forme TO+BV (Choose the correct verb from the list to complete the sentences. Use TO).

feed ▪ play ▪ go ▪ work ▪ swim

  1. Claire hopes ________________ to Germany next year.
  2. Oh no! I’ve forgotten _________________ the cat.
  3. Ali would like _________________ in the Pacific Ocean.
  4. You need ____________________ harder!

4/ En suivant l’exemple, réécris les phrases en utilisant before +ing / after+_ing (As the following example, Re -write sentences using before +ing / after+_ing).

They did the shopping. Then, they went home.              After doing the shopping, they went home.

Kevin left school. Then he worked in a restaurant for two years.

I watched TV for 1 hour. Then I went to sleep.

Before ___________________________________

We walked in the forest for three hours. We were very tired.

After ____________________________________


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Verb patterns – 3ème – Révisions   pdf


Correction – Verb patterns – 3ème – Révisions   pdf

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