Schéma des verbes – 3ème – Exercices – PDF à imprimer

Exercices à imprimer pour la 3ème – Schéma des verbes – Verb patterns – Anglais

1/ Complète les phrases en utilisant un verbe de la liste à la forme –ing (Fill in the blanks with the –ing form of the verb from the list).  

take ▪ eat ▪ go ▪ answer ▪ give

  1. I felt sick after ___________________ too much chocolate!
  2. Let me ask you one question. Think carefully before _______________ it!
  3. I felt dirty when I came back from the gym. I felt better after ________________ a shower.
  4. Before _________________ to Australia, Charles must ask for a visa.

2/ Coche la bonne réponse en fonction du sens (Tick the correct answer).

  1. I was talking to Alicia but when my girlfriend came in, I couldn’t talk to Alicia anymore.

□ I stopped to talk to her                              □ I stopped talking to her

  1. When you come to a stop sign, stop there!

□ Remember to stop there                           □ Remember stopping there

  1. I am sorry for what I said yesterday.

□ I regret to say this                                     □ I regret saying this

  1. Yesterday I remembered that last year, I got sick in the car.

□ I remembered getting sick in the car       □ I remembered to get sick in the car

3/ Choisis entre TO+BV et BV (Choose between TO+BV and BV).

  1. Paul and Mary want ___________________ (go) to the cinema.
  2. You must __________________ (stay) home tonight.
  3. My sister who is 1 year-old learns __________________ (speak).
  4. Vivian can ____________________ (speak) Chinese and German.

4/ Oliver raconte ce qu’il aimerait faire plus tard. Complète les phrases avec la bonne forme du verbe entre parenthèses (After reading the conversation, fill in the gaps with the right form of verbs in brackets). 

Oliver: I would like _______________ (work) at the zoo when I am older.          James: Why?

Oliver: Well, I enjoy _______________ (watch) all the animals and I need _____________ (know)

about them. I hope _______________ (learn) from my uncle who is a zoo-keeper.

James:  Yes but you need ___________________ (wake up) early every day!

Oliver: I don’t mind! I look forward ___________________ (be) old enough to work there!


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