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Exercices d’anglais à imprimer pou la 3ème – Pluperfect – Past Perfect

1/ Une erreur s’est glissée dans chaque phrase. A toi de la retrouver ! (There is one mistake in each sentence. Find it!)  

  1. When the director arrived, the actors had already leaved. ___________________________________
  2. By the age of 3, my sister who is now 16, has already learnt how to read. ________________________
  3. My dad had worked for this company for 2004 when he was fired. ___________________________
  4. Chloe realized her best friend had deceive (=trahir) ______________________________________

2/ Conjugue les verbes suivants au pluperfect (Use the verbs in brackets in Past Perfect).

  1. When I arrived, Peter ______________________ (not/paint) the old chair.
  2. My teacher asked me if I ____________________ (learn) the new vocabulary words.
  3. It _____________________ (not/rain) for weeks, so the land is very dry.
  4. Johanna ________________ (never/be) to the circus before yesterday afternoon.

3/ SINCE ou FOR ? A toi de choisir. (SINCE or FOR? Choose the right word).

  1. Susan had been in Turkey ______________ Monday when I called her.
  2. My cousin had left Australia ____________ 10 days when the hurricane stroke.
  3. India had been an independent country _________ 1947.
  4. Mike had been ill _________ a long time when doctors finally found the right medicine.

4/ Mets les verbes entre parenthèses au prétérit ou pluperfect, selon le sens (Choose between simple past or pluperfect to write the verbs).

  1. Shakespeare __________ (go) back to Stratford, the town where he ___________ (spend) his childhood.
  2. Alex _______________ (not/eat) yet so I ______________ (ask) him to lunch.
  3. When we ______________ (arrive) at the station, the train _____________________ (already / leave).
  4. The police __________________ (not/be) surprised. They _____________ (already/hear) of this gangster.



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