Concordance des temps – Pluperfect – 3ème – Exercices corrigés – PDF à imprimer

Exercices à imprimer en anglais pour la 3ème – Pluperfect – Concordance des temps

1/ Mets les phrases suivantes au style indirect (Turn the following direct speech sentences into indirect speech sentences).

Ben said, “I bought some stickers for my album”.

Jennifer asked, “Did you also buy that book about English History, Ben?”

Ben answered, “I didn’t have enough money.”

Ben answered _______________________________________

2/ Conjugue les verbes entre parenthèses au pluperfect (Write the verbs in brackets in pluperfect form).

  1. My best friend told the teacher he __________________ (work) the day before.
  2. If Sandra _____________________ (come) with us, she would have seen her favorite actor.
  3. My mother asked me if I ___________________ (see) the neighbors’ cat.
  4. If I _________________________ (not eat) that cake, I wouldn’t be sick.

3/ Choisis la bonne réponse (Tick the correct answer).

  1. If you had studied, you □ have passed            □ would have passed our exam.
  2. If it □ don’t start              □ hadn’t started to rain, we would have gone for a walk.
  3. We □ will swim                 □would swim if there hadn’t been so many sharks.
  4. If you □asked                        □had asked  me, I would have helped you.

4/ Imagine ce qui aurait pu se passer dans ces situations en commençant chaque phrase par « If… » (Guess what could have happened in each situation, starting the sentences with If…).

Yesterday, you were late at the concert. That’s why you didn’t see Maroon 5’s performance.

Helen wasn’t in NYC on Thursday, November 24th. That’s why she missed the Thanksgiving Parade.

It didn’t rain yesterday. That’s why I watered my plants this morning.


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Correction – Concordance des temps – Pluperfect – 3ème – Exercices corrigés  pdf

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