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Exercices avec le corrigé à imprimer – Pluperfect – Past Perfect – 3ème

1/ Conjugue les verbes entre parenthèses au Pluperfect (Write the verbs in Past Perfect).

  1. My friends and I talked about the movie we ____________________ (see).
  2. Yesterday, Karen was late for school because she ___________________ (miss) the bus.
  3. ________________ Jane _______________ (clean) the house before her mum arrived?
  4. Claire was at the hospital because she __________________ (slip- verbe régulier) on a banana skin.
  5. The waiter brought a drink that I ____________________ (not/order – verbe régulier).

2/ Comme l’exemple donné, forme une seule phrase à l’aide des propositions suivantes en faisant preuve de logique. (Based on the example, use your logic and write one single sentence with the given two).

Emily left. Nicolas arrived. (When)                   When Nicolas arrived, Emily had left.

Rockefeller became the richest man in the world. He died. (Before)

I forgot an important document. I went back home. (because)

My parents forgot to lock the entrance door. The thieves managed to get in easily. (because)

My mother came back from work late. I didn’t finish my homework. (When)

3/ Coche la bonne réponse (Tick the correct answer). 

  1. Brad had been a waiter for      □ since          2 years when one famous director hired him.
  2. □ For □ Since                        I was 5, my parents had travelled around the world.
  3. □ When □ Because       she came, the movie had already started.
  4. No one had told me about the accident □ when           □ because       they didn’t want me to know.

4/ Traduis les phrases suivantes (Translate the following sentences).

A l’âge de 5 ans, Mozart avait déjà écrit ses premiers morceaux (=pieces)

Léa vivait à Londres depuis 3 ans quand elle a rencontré Kyle.


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