Questions – 3ème – Révisions – Anglais – PDF à imprimer

Exercices d’anglais à imprimer pour la 3ème – Questions

1/ Mets les mots dans le bon ordre pour former des phrases cohérentes (Put the words into the right order to make meaningful sentences).

your parents / have / yet / arrived?

made / is / how / ice cream?

your friends / what / doing / are?

your scooter / in the accident / was / damaged?

2/Choisis le mot interrogatif qui convient (Fill in the blanks with the right WH- pronoun).

3) Rédige des questions fermées concernant les personnes mentionnées entre parenthèses (Write questions about the people in brackets).

I work hard. (Helen)

I lived in California. (Paul)

I am going out this weekend. (you)

I’ve never been to Tunisia. (Claudia)

4/ Construis des phrases interrogatives en utilisant WHO soit comme sujet, soit comme objet de la question (Use WHO as the object or subject of the question to write sentences).

Ex:  Who did Carl talk to?                                 Who talked to Carl?

Who did Alan see?

Who phoned you?

Who is talking to Brad Pitt?

Who will you meet at the party?


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