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Exercices corrigés sur les questions en anglais

1/ Barre le mot interrogatif incorrect (Cross out the wrong question word).

Whose / Who schoolbag is this?

How much / How many chocolate can you eat?

Whose / Which do you prefer? Ham or meat balls?

How tall / How old is your little sister? 5 or 6?

2/Choisis le mot interrogatif qui convient (Fill in the blanks with the right WH- pronoun).

_______________ is Clark frightened? Because he hates crocodiles.

_______________ are they? They are my friends.

_______________ is this soccer ball? It’s Alex’s.

_______________ do people sleep? At night.

3) Trouve le mot manquant pour compléter les phrases (Fill in the blanks with the right missing word).

How __________________ candies are missing? At least five!

How __________________ can Lewis run? Very fast!

How _________________ is the Colorado River? Only 1 to 2 meters.

How _________________ is Saint Petersburg from Paris? More than 2500 km.

4/ Rédige des questions à partir des éléments soulignés en utilisant WHO ou WHAT (sujet ou objet) (Write questions with WHO or WHAT as subject or object, using the underlined element).

A strange man lives in this house.

I saw him yesterday evening.

A scary noise woke me up.

I took the torch and went outside.

5/ Traduis les questions suivantes (Translate the following questions).

D’où vient cette lettre ?

Qui me l’a envoyé ?

Depuis combien de temps regardes-tu la télévision ?

Quand as-tu acheté cette maison ? Ça fait 10 ans.


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Questions – 3ème – Exercices à imprimer   pdf


Correction – Questions – 3ème – Exercices à imprimer   pdf

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