Make – Let someone do something – 3ème – Révisions

Exercices à imprimer en anglais pour la 3ème – Make – Let someone do something

1/ Remets les mots dans le bon ordre pour former des phrases cohérentes (Put the words into the right order to make meaningful sentences).  

  1. teacher classroom The let us our in computer use the. ______________________________
  2. me The made street clean policeman the. _______________________________________
  3. Kelly husband do the cleaning her makes. _______________________________________
  4. go am please I me, tired Let. ________________________________________________

2/ Complète les phrases avec MAKE ou LET conjugué selon le sens (Fill in the blanks with the right form of MAKE or LET)

  1. My father _____________ me cut the grass every week.
  2. The movie we saw yesterday _____________us laugh.
  3. ___________ me help you!
  4. During exams periods, our teachers __________us work very hard.
  5. Our teachers ____________ us go out during the break.

3/ Reformule les phrases suivantes en utilisant LET ou MAKE (Re-write the following sentences, using LET or MAKE).

My father didn’t allow me to stay in bed late.

The headmaster allowed us to leave school at 3.

When I listen to classical music, I feel relaxed.

The Maths teacher said we couldn’t use our calculators.

4/ Traduis les phrases suivantes (Translate the following sentences).

  1. Laisse-moi partir avec Jane. _________________________
  2. Le juge l’a forcée à vendre sa maison. ___________________


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