Let someone do something – Make – 3ème – Exercices

Exercices corrigés en anglais – Make – Let someone do something – 3ème

1/ Barre le verbe qui ne convient pas (Cross the verb that doesn’t match)

  1. Anna never make/let        her children watch TV after 8 PM.
  2. My mother always lets/makes     me finish my soup even if I hate it.
  3. My English teacher allowed me use / to use    a dictionary during the test.
  4. Our headmaster makes/made us wear a uniform last year.

2/ Complète les phrases avec MAKE ou LET conjugué selon le sens (Fill in the blanks with the right form of MAKE or LET)

  1. Stop dreaming! Alex will never _____ you drive his Ferrari.
  2. I was furious! The policemen ___________ me open my suitcase and took everything out.
  3. The superhero said, “Don’t worry! I won’t ___________ them hurt you.”
  4. Yesterday, my mother __________ me clean the living-room and today, she won’t ________ me go to Ben’s birthday. Life is so unfair!

3/ Reformule les phrases suivantes en utilisant LET ou MAKE (Re-write the following sentences, using LET or MAKE).

Jenny’s father never allows her to go out with friends.

Our French teacher told us we had to read 3 books during the holidays.

Did the police allow the journalists to enter the building?


4/ Cite trois choses que tes parents te forcent à faire et 3 choses que tu aimerais qu’ils te laissent faire.    (List 3 things your parents make you do and 3 things you would like them to let you do).


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