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Lecture compréhension en anglais sur Harry Potter – 4ème

Harry looked nothing like the rest of the family. Uncle Vernon was large and neckless, with an enormous black moustache; Aunt Petunia was horse-faced and bony; Dudley was blond, pink and porky. Harry, on the other hand, was small and skinny, with brilliant green eyes and jet-black hair that was always untidy. He wore round glasses, and on his forehead was a thin, lightning-shaped scar.

This was this scar that made Harry so particularly unusual, even for a wizard. This scar was the only hint of Harry’s very mysterious past, of the reason he had been left on the Dursleys’ doorstep eleven years before.

Compréhension Globale

Type of text? □ dialogue □       description                □       monologue

Characters and relationships

Relève tous les noms propres du texte et classe-les dans le tableau suivant :


Remets dans le bon ordre les mots du texte dont l’image ou la traduction est donnée.

 R S A C           D I W A Z R                   NIGIT LGNH

MALEDICTION       =       C R E S U                        ECHOUER     =       A F L I

  Relève tous les mots transparents du texte, puis essaie de les traduire sans dictionnaire.

Transparent words – Translation

Compréhension Détaillée


Classe par catégorie grammaticale les indices qui décrivent le physique des personnages. Puis amuse-toi à les dessiner.  

RIGHT or WRONG ? (Cite le texte pour justifier tes réponses)

Harry Potter is eleven years-old.

His parents were killed in a car accident.

He lived with his family all year long.

He is a magician and goes to Wilberg School to practice his magic.

Harry Potter is very unhappy with his family.


Harry Potter – 4ème – Lecture compréhension en anglais   pdf


Correction – Harry Potter – 4ème – Lecture compréhension en anglais   pdf

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