Exclamatives – 3ème – Exercices corrigés

Exercices à imprimer pour la 3ème – Exclamatives – Exclamation sentences – Anglais

1/ Coche la bonne réponse (Tick the correct answer).

  1. □ How □ Such             □ What           a good meal he had for lunch!
  2. It was □ such                         □ so                 □ how             dark outside that I didn’t see the car.
  3. □ How □ Such             □ What           stupid!  I forgot my keys inside the car!
  4. Light travels □ such             □ so                 □ how             fast!

2/Barre la proposition qui n’est PAS exacte (Cross the sentence that is NOT correct).

  1. 300$ for a pair of shoes? That’s such expensive! That’s so expensive!  That’s such an expensive price
  2. He was             such a good runner    such good       so good, he could run 10 km without a sweat.
  3. The train was such fast         such a fast train         so fast             that it went from Tokyo to Osaka in less than three hours.
  4. Yesterday was such a hot day                       so hot              such hot day   that everyone stayed indoors.

3 / Compose des phrases qui insistent sur un fait et donnent la conséquence en utilisant SUCH/SO…THAT (Write sentences that emphasize and give the consequences, using SUCH/SO…THAT).

Harry Potter’s adventures are exciting. Millions of fans read them.

The Indians were a friendly people. They offered food and shelter to the first Pilgrims.

In the 1812 war; the First Nations ought with remarkable courage. They defeated the British army.

4/ Comment dirais-tu en anglais… ? Utilise WHAT… ! ou HOW… ! (How would you say in English.. ? Use WHAT… ! or HOW… !)

Tu vois un bébé adorable. _______________________________

Tu t’émerveilles devant une superbe collection de vieilles voitures.

Tu es en colère car ton frère fait trop de bruit. (bruyant = loud/ noisy)

Tu admires le scooter d’un ami et tu l’envies.


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