Exclamation sentences – 3ème – Révisions

Exercices corrigés à imprimer – Exclamatives – Exclamation sentences – 3ème

1/ Construis des énoncés exclamatifs ou interrogatifs en utilisant HOW + adj ou WHAT+nom (Write exclamation or question sentences with HOW+adj. or WHAT+noun).

  1. __________ tall ___________ ! (you /be)
  2. __________ fast ____________________his homework ! (he / do)
  3. ____________ nice shoes ______________________ today! (you/wear)
  4. ________________ cereal________________________? (you/prefer)

2/Réécris les phrases suivantes en utilisant SUCH ou SO (Write the following sentences with SUCH or SO).  

  1. There were many yellow taxis in the Big Apple. ____________________________________
  2. Some skyscrapers in New York are incredibly tall. __________________________________
  3. We had to stand on line for a long time. _________________________________________
  4. It is an exciting city. ______________________________________________

3 /Exprime ton enthousiasme à l’aide des deux formes exclamatives WHAT et SUCH (Display your excitement with exclamation sentences starting with WHAT and SUCH).

Ex: This world tour was an amazing experience.                     

What an amazing experience! / It was such amazing experience!

4/ Compose des phrases qui insistent sur un fait et donnent la conséquence en utilisant SUCH/SO…THAT (Write sentences that emphasize and give the consequences, using SUCH/SO…THAT).

The Beatles were a very popular band in Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth knighted them._

Nobel was sorry he had invented dynamite. He created the Nobel Peace Prize.


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