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Exercices corrigés pour la 3ème – See – Hear + V-ing – Anglais

1/ Complète le tableau sur les pronoms sujets et compléments (Fill in the chart with subject and object pronouns).

 Nouns – Subject pronouns – Object Pronouns 

2/ Complète la conversation entre deux amis qui sortent d’un concert. (Fill in the conversation between two friends who have just attented a concert).  

“How, that was cool….. ___________________________________ (see/the singer/ play) the guitar?”

“Yeas, it was awesome.  And when I ________________________ (hear/him/sing) my favorite song, I was thrilled!”

“Yes, so was I! And when we __________________________ (see/Pink/appear) on stage, it was fantastic.”

3/ Traduis les phrases suivantes (Translate the following sentences).

  1. Paolo saw a plane flying high in the sky ___________________________________
  2. I’ve never heard Janice singing. Is she good? ________________________________
  3. Who did you see running his morning? ____________________________________
  4. Have you heard Helen crying last night ? ___________________________________

4/ Reconstitue un témoignage essentiel pour résoudre un meurtre à l’aide de HEAR/SEE et de chaque mot de la liste (Write a crucial testimony to solve a murder with HEAR/SEE and every word on the list).

run ▪ scream ▪ hide ▪ talk loud ▪ fiancé ▪ colonel ▪ dog ▪ tree

I was in the garden when


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