Present Perfect – BE -ING – 3ème – Exercices – PDF à imprimer

Exercices corrigés en anglais pour la 3ème – Present Perfect – BE -ING

1/ Fais correspondre les questions à leur réponse (Match the questions and answers).

2/Coche la bonne réponse (Tick the correct answer).  

I am freezing. I waited □ have been waiting              □ wait             in the rain for 10 minutes.

What a terrible storm. The wind has been blowing  □ since hours. □for all morning.      □ for hours.

We have been living in Paris □ since March. □ since 2 months        since tomorrow.

My dad          has been working late.      □ has been losing weight.      □ have been running.

3/Imagine ce qui vient de se passer en utilisant le present perfect BE-ing (Imagine what has just been happening).

No wonder you are sick. You _____________________________ too many candies!

Look! The cat’s ear is bleeding. She _________________________ with another cat.

What an awful smell in the room! Someone _____________________________ a cigar.

Mum _________________________ fish; that’s why there is such a strong smell in the house.

4/ Construis des phrases en mettant le verbe entre parenthèses au present perfect qui convient puis traduis les phrases en français (Put the verbs in brackets in present perfect tense then translate).


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Present Perfect – BE -ING – 3ème – Exercices à imprimer   pdf


Correction – Present Perfect – BE -ING – 3ème – Exercices à imprimer   pdf

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