Passive Voice – Voix passive – 3ème – Révisions

Exercices à imprimer pour la 3ème – Passive Voice – Anglais

1/Entoure les formes conjugué de BE et souligne tous les participes passés que tu vois (Circle all BE forms and underline all the past participles you can see).

Every year, a conference on inventions is organized in San Francisco. It was first organized in 1960 by professor Dumble. Machines were brought from all over the world. This year, 25 machines have been brought and they will be sold to people who are looking into the future. You should come, you might be surprised!

2/ Mets le verbe entre parenthèses à la voix passive et au temps qui convient (Use the correct tenses of the verbs in brackets in the passive voice).

Yesterday, two new cars _______________ (sell).

Every year, people __________________________ (show) new inventions.

_________________ the Time Machine _________________ (test) yet?

Tomorrow, a speech ________________________ (give) by the President.

3/ Construis des phrases complètes à la voix passive, en utilisant l’élément souligné comme sujet grammatical (Write full sentences in the passive voice, using the underlined element as subject).

Sometimes TV commercials / famous movie directors. [direct = tourner]

T. / Steven Spielberg. [direct]

Movie stars / bodyguards. [often protect]

California’s climate / film directors. [attract]

4/Mets les phrases à la voix passive en prenant le complément d’attribution souligné comme sujet (Turn the sentences into passive form, using the underlined complement as subject).  

Hollywood awarded Jean Dujardin an Oscar. _________________________________

A journalist asked Hitchcock if he was scared of birds. ___________________________

Directors expect actors to be able to use their imagination.

They will ask you to improvise a scene. ______________________________________


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