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Exercices corrigé pour la 3ème sur le double comparatif – Anglais

Coche la bonne réponse. Attention au sens ! (Tick the correct answer).

  1. These tomatoes don’t taste good. The other ones tasted □ more good  □ better          □ best.
  2. People today are not very polite. In the past they were □ less polite    □ politer         □ more polite.
  3. I look awful with my new haircut. It is □ better          □ less good     □ worse          than before!
  4. My job isn’t very fun! I want to do something □ funnier        □ more fun                 □ boring.

Réécris la phrase en employant as…as…comme dans l’exemple qui suit. Veille à respecter les temps (Use the expression as…as… to write the sentences, based on the example. Pay attention to the tenses).

Ex: Brazil is smaller than Canada           Canada isn’t as small as Brazil.

  1. Ana is more nervous than James. James________________________________________
  2. Athens is older than Rome. Rome ____________________________________________
  3. We played better than them.           They________________________________________
  4. You eat more than me. I ___________________________________________________

Explique ce qui change en utilisant un double comparatif (Use a double comparative form to explain the changes)

  1. Traffic in big cities is getting really bad.________________________________________
  2. There are a lot of English songs on French radios. _________________________________
  3. It is difficult to find a job in our society. ________________________________________
  4. A lot of fish species extinguish today. __________________________________________

4 /Traduis les phrases suivantes (Translate the following sentences).

De plus en plus de gens veulent vivre à la campagne.

Car les villes sont de plus en plus polluées.

On respire de moins en moins facilement à cause (=because of) de la pollution.

A la campagne, l’air est meilleur et moins dangereux.


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