Anglais – Summer – Cahier de vacances gratuit – 6ème – 5ème – PDF gratuit à imprimer

6ème – 5ème – Cahier de vacances en anglais pour les vacances d’été.


bucket waves swimsuit lifeline

sunglasses sandcastle starfish swimming pool

Welcome to the beach!

Complete with the right letter.

sandcastle : ____________
lifeline : ____________
starfish : ____________

How many children are on the beach?
What is the colour of the bucket?
Can you find the crabs? Circle them.


Link the clock with the time of the day

When I’m on holidays, I usually ________________ at half past nine. At eleven, I
____________ a picnic with my friends then we ________________________ to the beach
and _________________fun. In the evening, I _____________ TV and usually
_________________________ at a quarter to eleven.

The postcard

Hello Grandpa and Grandma,
We are on holiday in Brazil.
It’s such a huge country and the landscapes are wonderful. Dad and Mum have chosen a big hotel with a swimming pool. The weather is very hot. Tomorrow,
we are going to the Amazon. I hope I will see snakes, parrots, monkeys, crocodiles and more.
Next week, we are visiting the Iguazu Falls. I’m so excited!
We’ll be back soon.
Ryan, mum and dad

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Anglais – Summer – Cahier de vacances gratuit – 6ème – 5ème pdf

Correction Anglais – Summer – Cahier de vacances gratuit – 6ème – 5ème pdf